Most introducing brokers will have access to various types of alternative investments including private equity, hedge funds, property, venture capital, commodities, loans to private companies all the way through to art, fine wine and music royalty rights. They are investable assets which are the alternatives to the traditional asset classes: equities, bonds and cash.


We like to think that we are different from the rest


As an introducing broker we seek to pair investors with investments and buyers with sellers but we are simply an intermediary and as such will provide the buyer or seller with whatever it is they are looking for, after of course doing extensive due diligence on their behalf.


To give an example of our repertoire, we are currently promoting 4 capital raises in; agricultural, renewable paper, metal exchange and virtual reality products.


During the recent Covid 19 pandemic we have matched governments with PPE and vaccine suppliers.


We have also sold high end watches on behalf of some of our high net worth clients.


To round it off we are currently in the process of leasing and developing an island in the Maldives and sourcing investors.


In summary we have a vast network of contacts spanning the globe in every conceivable market sector. So not only do we source investors for specific projects but the reverse applies, we will also find projects or products for investors or clients.

This is our speciality and makes us a cut above the rest.


We invite your curiosity and encourage you to get in touch if you have any interest in our activities or to learn more about how we could help your business achieve and expand its objectives.

"Crimson Fox has a history of making it easier for ordinary investors to put money to work."